Emergency Surgery with Dr. Daniel Burval

Emergency Surgery with Dr. Daniel Burval

On December 17, after a little Christmas shopping, I went home to do a chore I've done many times - clean the chimney. As I went about this mundane task, my footing on the roof gave way and I fell 10 feet to the deck. I had no doubt my right leg was broken. I prayed, called my wife and 9-1-1.

At Hendersonville TriStar Hospital many tests were conducted and late in the day I met Dr. Daniel Burval. Dr. Burval physically checked my body over three times for other injuries. I was lucky to only have a skin tear on my forearm and minor bumps and bruises; other than what turned out to be a shattered right leg (femur).

Dr. Burval did emergency surgery at 2:30 a.m. He used a plate and about 10 screws to put me back together. With the grace of God and the amazing skills of Dr. Burval I am recovering. This recovery isn't easy, but I know Dr. Burval is one of the best orthopedic surgeons around.

I will be celebrating my 74th birthday this year thanks to Dr. Burval and TOA physical therapy.

- Thomas S. Waggoner