Education & Research

Mission & Vision:

TOA Research Foundation is committed to shaping the future of orthopedics and improving the lives of each of our patients through scientific innovation, redefining the patient experience and expanding education.

"If you are not continually advancing .... then you are falling behind"

Utilizing transformational research and analytics, our physician researchers are continuously evaluating current and new surgical techniques, processes, products and devices with the goal to optimize efficiencies, improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life. Collaborating with academics, industry and clinical communities to develop scientific evidence that support improving the lives of our patients and their mobility.

The TOA Research Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organized exclusively for scientific, charitable, educational, and literary purpose to significantly improve the treatment and outcome of bone, joint, and muscular disorders caused by disease and injury.

Founded to conduct orthopedic scientific research, provide instruction and further public awareness of orthopedic science, and to support other organizations that are dedicated to those purposes.

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