Workers' Compensation

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Exceptional Orthopaedic Care of Workers’ Compensation Patients

The goal of Workers' Compensation is to provide the best possible care for your injured employee and return them to work healthy, positive and productive. We know that early diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries are key in returning an injured worker to the job as soon as possible, thereby reducing both medical costs and time lost from work. We provide excellent orthopaedic care to the injured worker, while at the same time keeping the employers and insurance carrier apprised of the patient's treatment plan, progress and status.

TOA Workers' Compensation Services Include:

  • Immediate notification of work status by Electronic Work Link
  • Workers’ Compensation Specialist for expert assistance of all work comp needs
  • Eighteen convenient locations
  • Physical and occupational therapy, digital x-ray, CT and MRI available
  • EMG
  • Walk-in Clinics with extended hours – TOA Orthopedic Urgent Care locations - OneC1TY, Clarksville and Murfreesboro

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For more information, please call our WORKLINK line at (615) 341-0928.

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