The hip is a complex ball-and-socket joint and is one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints. The hip plays a crucial role in the function of walking, sitting, standing, and bending, while also keeping the body stable and balanced. Given its crucial role in moving the body, when the hip joint is injured or the cartilage in the joint degenerates, it can have a life-altering impact.

Our team of experts is skilled in treating a wide range of issues that can affect the hip such as Iliopsoas disorders (tendonitis, bursitis), arthritis, hip dysplasia, proximal hamstring ruptures and cartilage injuries.

TOA’s highly skilled orthopedic physicians have the expertise to address your specific needs and help you get back to living your best life.


  • Partial joint replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Anterior hip Replacement
  • Posterior hip replacement
  • Revision Joint Replacement
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Endoscopic gluteal tendon repair
  • Arthroscopic correction of hip impingement
  • Arthroscopic Labral repair and reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic Cartilage repair/transplant
  • Proximal Hamstring repair and reconstruction
  • Hip preservation
  • Hip impingement repair
  • Hip labrum tear repair

Advancing technology has allowed our hip experts to treat a variety of conditions both arthroscopically, and with specially engineered implants for joint replacement. In fact, even the most complex joint issues can be solved when you turn to TOA for your orthopedic needs.

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