Interventional Pain Management

Reviewing X-ray

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA) offers an interventional pain management program that helps patients living with chronic and acute pain find relief. Headed by TOA's Dr. R. David Todd, M.D., patients are directly involved in developing treatment plans for pain management in Nashville. Dr. Todd and the rest of the TOA staff understand that pain issues are as unique as patients themselves. Because of this, TOA offers a range of effective and innovative options.

TOA's team of Nashville pain management specialists treat a number of spine and peripheral conditions with a multitude of blocks and injections. In addition to interventional pain management solutions for spinal cord and back problems, TOA helps those who live with the chronic pain of headaches, arthritis, post-operative pain, and issues affecting bones and muscles. Our treatment methods avoid the temporary relief of addictive opioids, allowing patients to continue their daily functioning routines. Interventional pain management has helped millions of patients living in both acute and chronic pain.

Our Interventional Pain Management Physicians