Physical Therapy

A Comprehensive Approach to Physical Therapy

At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, our team of physical therapists are dedicated to helping patients from all walks of life find relief from pain. Whether a patient is experiencing joint pain caused by arthritis, rehabilitating after surgery or treating a sports injury, our physical therapists are ready to help. Each patient has different goals and different needs. At TOA, we treat our patients as individuals, providing each one with a personalized treatment plan and education on the root causes of their pain, how to improve mobility and prevent future injury.

Our physical therapists take a comprehensive approach to patient care. Not only do they maintain constant communication with TOA’s surgeons and physicians, but they also perform detailed evaluations of the structures involved with each patient’s pain or injury to design custom treatment plans specific to their findings. Best of all, our patients are involved in the treatment planning process from beginning to end to ensure their personal goals are always kept in mind.

Common Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an essential step in recovery for a wide variety of injuries and ailments, and in some cases, can delay or even negate the need for surgery. Physical therapy is a critical step in the recovery process as patients work to treat sports-related injuries, manage joint pain, and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. We provide continuous monitoring and reassessment of each treatment program to ensure physical benefits, consistent improvement, and a timely return to regular activities. Throughout the process, we promote open communication among therapists, doctors and other professionals involved to ensure a level of care that maximize results.

The American Physical Therapy Association recommends physical therapy for hundreds of different conditions, stemming from as many causes--including disease and injury. Some of the more common reasons to seek help include:

TOA’s physical therapists will be happy to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your goals, no matter what the cause or condition.

Direct Access

In the state of Tennessee, most people are able to seek out specialized care from a qualified physical therapist without a PT prescription from a medical provider. This is called direct access. TOA Physical
therapists qualified to see direct access meet all state requirements to provide care.
What to expect with Direct Access:
  • After your initial evaluation is completed, your therapist will recommend an individualized plan of care.
    • This may include:
      • Further scheduling of visits
      • Rest and/or activity modification
      • Referral to a medical provider outside of physical therapy scope of practice if needed.
      • Or a combination of these
  • If you and/or your therapist have not seen improvement with physical therapy care, at that point you may be referred out to medical provider. Your physical therapist will assist in making sure you get with a specialist in a timely manner.

Locations currently offering direct access: One City, St. Thomas West, Brentwood, Franklin SPC, Lebanon, Cookeville, Clarksville, Midtown.

Therapy Direct Referral Request

Looking for Physical Therapy in Nashville?

Our physical therapists are highly trained individuals holding doctorates in their field. Because patient care is our top priority, our physical therapy team will spend as much time as you need to ensure that you receive the care you deserve. Often located in the same building as your doctor, we also offer extended hours to accommodate your lifestyle, in order to offer the ultimate in convenience.

Contact your nearest Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance location today to learn more about how our team of physical therapists can get you started on your road to recovery:

Brentwood: (615) 278-1632
Cookeville: (931) 525-6676
Clarksville: (931) 221-4743
Franklin: (615) 236-5000
Gallatin: (615) 675-2000 x3205
Hendersonville: (615) 265-5000
Lebanon: 615-321-0200 x 3310
Midtown: (615) 284-5820
Murfreesboro: (615) 278-1634
Murfreesboro Westlawn: (615) 278-1614
One City: (615) 263-0178
Skyline Medical Center: (615) 263-6500
Smyrna: (615) 278-1660
St. Thomas West: (615) 234-7221


Physical Therapy Testimonials

Seth Hawks is a wonderful physical therapist!

Seth Hawks is a wonderful physical therapist at TOA Hendersonville. He’s very compassionate and thorough. I highly recommend him!

- Vicki McCulley | Hendersonville
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I would recommend TOA and Tim Thomas to anyone!

I must say, from the moment Tim Thomas, my physical therapist introduced himself to me, I have felt inspired that I will recover, and that I was in excellent hands with nothing to worry about. Additionally, I have always felt that he includes me in the therapy process, strives to educate me on the rationale of his treatment, and does it all with a pleasant demeanor. He constantly listens to my pain and discomfort level which puts me at ease. I would recommend TOA and Tim Thomas as a specialized hand physical therapist to absolutely anyone!

- Catherine L | Mt Juliet
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