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HIPAA stands for the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act and was created to protect the privacy of individuals' protected health information. It affects those who are in contact with medical records or protected health information. Under this law, neither Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA) nor its staff members are allowed to speak to anyone regarding patient injuries, patient names or other protected health information related to our patients unless those receiving said information "need to know" and/or in those instances where a patient specifically allows the release of certain components of their health records or protected health information to outside persons.

In this case, Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance will, if allowed by the undersigned patient, release your name and written or multi-media testimonial, and/or photograph, to be used in marketing materials which could include online updates (within and/or all TOA owned online profiles including but not limited to TOA's official Facebook page, Twitter profile, or blog within, as well as printed material (such as brochures, print advertisements, flyers, and other promotional items).

This release does not relate to your specific medical history, or any medical condition(s) you have been or are being treated for by a TOA physician(s) or medical staff. If your testimonial includes reference to such specific information, we reserve the right to remove it as we deem necessary in alignment with patient privacy laws.

"I understand that my name, testimonial, and/or photograph may be released to be published on and all of its owned online properties. I further understand that, if these instructions are not followed by TOA, I may lodge a complaint to the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Health & Human Services."

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