Self-Pay Pricing Information

For Patients Who Want to Pay Directly for Their Care

At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, We Believe in Pricing Transparency

Purchasing healthcare should not result in surprise bills. We offer bundled payment options for those seeking to pay directly for care apart from an in-network insurance plan. Bundles benefit self-pay patients, self-insured employers, patients with out-of-network insurance coverage, health sharing ministries and anyone who bears the out-of-pocket expense for our services.

Select a Marketplace for Self-Pay

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Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance wants to provide an easy way for patients to pay online. Paying your bill is simply a click away. Make sure you have your invoice on hand, enter all relevant information, and then make your payment. Our intelligent system links you directly to your digital invoice, so you can keep track of your payments made.

Pricing FAQs


In-Network Insurance Plans

Which plans are considered In-Network?
When should I confirm plan coverage?

Out-of-Network Insurance Plans

Why isn’t Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance participating with my insurance plan? or Why did you leave the network?
What if my insurance plan tells me Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance will be paid an in-network rate?

Self-Pay Options

How could Self-Pay save me money if I have health insurance?
How do I submit Self-Pay Claims to my insurance provider?
What's The Cost of Self-Pay MRI?
How Does Self-Pay Urgent Care Work?
What is the Cost of Self-Pay or Cash-Pay Orthopedic Urgent Care?
Why Choose Self Pay for Physical Therapy?
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