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TOA surgeon, Dr. Allen F. Anderson featured for preteen ACL reconstruction surgery

There isn't a sport 12-year-old Jabori Johnson of Troy, Alabama won't play. The multi-sport athlete can't stand not being able participate, but he's following doctor's orders.

Johnson tore his anterior cruciate ligament playing basketball. At first, he thought it was just banged up. But, his grandmother, Michelle Johnson, knew it was something more serious. After learning of his torn ACL diagnosis, Michelle sought out orthopedic physician Dr. Allen Anderson at Saint Thomas West who's had experience in repairing ACL's in children.

The biggest concern in fixing a torn ACL in a child as opposed to an adult is working around the growth plate in the knee. If it’s compromised in any way, it could stunt the child’s growth or the leg could grow crooked.

Watch the video to see how Jabori’s surgery goes and how he recovers.

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