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Learn More - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The ntroduction of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has changed how we look at athletic injuries and how we can change this while promoting natural healing.

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Watching Weight with Orthopedic physicians

The 80% Full Strategy

Are you struggling to lose weight, but not sure where to start? Do you want to make a change to your current way of eating that is sustainable long term, that doesn’t require special food, and doesn’t cost anything? Try eating until you are 80% full.

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Staying on track for holidays with healthy eating

Four Steps to Staying on Track Over the Holidays

Most likely, if you are even thinking about how you could do the holidays differently this year, you will! Here are my top four steps to staying on track over the holidays.

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Four Steps to Getting Back on the Field After an Orthopedic Injury

Whether competing on a high school, collegiate or professional level, the vast majority of athletes will suffer an orthopedic injury at some point in their career. Recovery times can vary based on the severity of the injury sustained, but there are some universal truths that can be applied to aid in recovery, both mentally and physically, and get you back to the sports and activities that you love.

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Black History Month - Celebrating February

Diversity in Orthopedics

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is proud to highlight Black History Month and acknowledge the many diverse contributions made to our society by African Americans.

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Ankle Arthritis

Ankle Arthritis by Dr. Bryan W. Lapinski

The incidence of ankle arthritis has increased over the last several decades. In this article, foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Bryan W. Lapinski, outlines the common causes of ankle arthritis and the operative and non-operative treatments that are available.

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Falling Arches

Falling Arches: Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity

Did you know that all children begin life with flat feet? As we mature, the arch of the foot develops; however, approximately 20-30% of people never develop the arch and continue to have flat feet throughout their lives. In this article, foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Bryan W. Lapinski outlines the treatment options for adult acquired flatfoot deformity (AAFD).

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Stuck at home with your computer - My Aching Hands!

Stuck at home with your computer - My Aching Hands!

With many of us working from home and spending increased time on our keyboards, there are a number of common hand issues that can arise. This article from hand, wrist & elbow specialist, Dr. Jane Siegel, outlines some simple stretches and preventative measures you can take to protect your hands.

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Holidays with the Family - From TOA

Holiday Survival Guide For Patients With Hip and Knee Arthritis

The holidays are always a fun time to catch up with family and friends; however, in patients with arthritis, this can also be burdensome. Check out Dr. William E. Carpenter's guide to surviving the holidays with arthritis.

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Knee Replacement

Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement Q & A with Dr. Justin W. Langan

Joint replacement, hip and knee specialist, Dr. Justin Langan answers common questions about outpatient hip or knee replacement.

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Soccer Players

Common Soccer Injuries

Dr. Robert A. Vaughan covers the most common soccer injuries, how to avoid them, and what to do if you sustain an injury.

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Christopher P. Ashley, M.D.

MIR Physician Spotlight Christopher P. Ashley, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Ashley was recently featured in the AdMIRable Review, a journal of the Medical Impairment Rating Registry, a program he has been a member of since it began in 2005.

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Abby Morgan

Dr. Lydia White & Patient Abby Morgan: An Unstoppable Team

From ACL reconstruction her sophomore year, to broken bones requiring multiple plates and screws in her forearm her junior year, Abby trusted Dr. White, a specially trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at TOA in Murfreesboro, to help get her back on the court.

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X-ray of heal

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common conditions that Dr. Robert Thompson sees in his practice. In this article, he discusses the basics of this condition and the treatment options available.

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Dr. Philip A.G. Karpos, M.D.

Dr. Philip A.G. Karpos on Fall Prevention

As a joint replacement specialist and orthopedic surgeon, I often treat fall-related injuries and fractures (hip, wrist, shoulder, and spine) in the elderly. In this article and video, Dr. Philip A.G. Karpos outlines his top tips for preventing falls.

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Group Training

Weekend Warrior 101

In this article by Dr. Bartley McGehee, he outlines the common injuries faced by weekend warriors, how to prevent them and what to do if you do sustain an orthopedic injury.

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National Duathlon Champion

National Duathlon Champion Gets Back to Training Thanks to Dr. Damon Petty

Check out Jerry Spiva's story from orthopedic injury to recovery. You'll be inspired by Jerry's commitment to getting back to the sports that he loves and accomplishing his goals.

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Pitcher in Softball

Top 10 things to Know if You Participate in a Throwing Sport

Dr. Damon H. Petty outlines his top 10 tips for throwing sport athletes.

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Light Bulb

A Q&A with Dr. Christian N. Anderson

TOA physician, Dr. Christian N. Anderson was recently awarded a patent for a meniscus repair device. We sat down with him to discuss the process of inventing a new medical device, developing a working prototype and obtaining a patent.

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Dr. W. Chase Corn

From Ankle Injury to Marathon Runner Thanks to Dr. W. Chase Corn

Pat McFarland is an accomplished marathon runner and patient of foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Chase Corn. This is his success story.

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Turkey and Chainsaw

What do I do if I chop off my finger?

Hopefully you will never need this advice, but if you or someone you know does, it will be handy (pun intended) to have somewhere in the back of your mind.

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Pumpkin Carving Safety

Use caution during the Halloween season, and take steps to prevent hand injuries when carving.

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow 101

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is an extremely common cause of elbow pain. Check out this article for the scoop on tennis elbow.

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Keeping hydrated while exercising

Heat Exhaustion

It is so important to be acclimated to the heat and well hydrated when you exercise. In this article, Dr. Michael Jordan outlines the risks, symptoms and treatments for heat exhaustion.

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