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TOA Tips with Dr. Christian Anderson - Posterior Hip Pain

In this TOA Tip, Dr. Christian Anderson details posterior hip pain, or pain that presents on the back side of the body.

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TOA Tips with Dr. Christian Anderson - Lateral Hip Pain

In this TOA Tip, sports medicine, shoulder, hip and knee orthopedic specialist, Dr. Christian Anderson discusses lateral hip pain, or pain that presents on the side of the hip.

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The Ortho Answer

Dr. Christian N. Anderson on Hip Arthroscopy - The Ortho Answer

In this video, we follow Dr. Christian N. Anderson, a shoulder and sports medicine orthopedic specialist, into the operating room for a hip arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure to correct structural abnormalities in the joint. This video contains surgical footage and may not be suitable for all viewers. View at your discretion.

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Holidays with the Family - From TOA

Holiday Survival Guide For Patients With Hip and Knee Arthritis

The holidays are always a fun time to catch up with family and friends; however, in patients with arthritis, this can also be burdensome. Check out Dr. William E. Carpenter's guide to surviving the holidays with arthritis.

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Knee Replacement

Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement Q & A with Dr. Justin W. Langan

Joint replacement, hip and knee specialist, Dr. Justin Langan answers common questions about outpatient hip or knee replacement.

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Hip Grutter

Dr. Paul W. Grutter and a Patient's Perspective on Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Grutter is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in shoulder surgery, arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement. In this video, he discusses anterior approach total hip replacement surgery with his own patient who has recently been through the procedure.

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Dr. Burton

Dr. Lucas J. Burton on Hip & Knee Replacement Complications

Lucas J. Burton, M.D. is a fellowship-trained, board certified, orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee reconstruction. In this video, Dr. Burton discusses common joint replacement complications and what patient's can do on the front end to minimize the potential for post-surgical complications.

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