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Jammed Fingers & Football Finger

Fall is here and with fall comes football and with football, hand and finger injuries - commonly referred to as jammed fingers. While most jammed fingers heal uneventfully with ultimately normal function, not infrequently a painful swollen finger actually represents a significant injury with potential for permanent damage to the finger unless properly treated. These injuries include metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, MP and PIP joint dislocations, tendon ruptures as well as ligament injuries. Painful, swollen fingers that do not have normal motion should be properly evaluated by a doctor with experience managing these injuries and have an X-ray obtained. Even when X-rays are normal, significant tendon and ligament injuries can exist.

At TOA, our hand specialists are available for same day evaluation and treatment of hand, wrist and elbow injuries. Our on-site hand therapists are also available to fabricate custom splits to optimize the patient’s safe return to sports.

For hand/wrist/elbow appointments call: 855-NEED-TOA (855-633-3872)

- TOA Hand Center Specialists

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