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Lebanon Sports Performance Tour

In the linked video, we join Personal Trainers Grant Shanks & Malcolm Manier to go over a brief tour of our Sports Performance Center in Lebanon, TN. This Sports Performance space comes equipped with some of the best exercise equipment on the market available for athletes and fitness-focused individuals. Utilizing the equipment at this Sports Performance Center, athletes can develop the critical underlying skills needed to help them excel in their sport. Goals may involve quickness, power training, coordination, balancing, conditioning, strength training, increased mobility, or many other vital elements.

This state-of-the-art facility comes equipped with some of the best machines and workout stations on the market. Utilizing our agility ladders, athletes can improve their speed, agility, and quickness in addition to strengthening joints, ligaments, and tendons. Our total resistance exercise stations (TRX) allow athletes to use body weight to improve their strength, balance, and flexibility. Pneumatic Keiser Racks incorporate pneumatic strength columns, which can be attached to the bar, allowing Keiser’s patented air technology to be used alone or in combination with free weights, allowing for a broader spectrum of training to improve speed, control, and explosive power. In addition to these, our Sports Performance Center comes equipped with miniature hurdles, dumbbells, bench presses, functional training machines, kettlebells, squat racks, battle ropes, plyometric boxes, and much more.

Starting a new fitness routine can be both confusing and intimidating for many people. If athletes or fitness enthusiasts are unsure of where to start in their journey or have a strong idea of where they would like to take their performance but would like some help and guidance getting there, we do offer personal training. Some of the key benefits of working with a personal trainer include safety by learning proper form and lifting techniques, expedited goal achievement (attained through working with trained professionals who can help you learn quicker), increased accountability by having a partner to help review performance and goal setting/timelines together, personalized attention, and access to our personal trainer’s wealth of information on a litany of different topics ranging from proper nutrition to various exercise programs. Using a personal trainer can be the perfect step to take your performance to the next level.

The Lebanon Sports Performance space is located at 1035 South Hartmann Dr. Lebanon, TN 37090. To schedule with Sports Performance, learn more about this location, or speak with our trainers, please call (615)-278-1680. We look forward to talking and working together to help you meet your fitness goals!

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