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Les Whitley on Youth Sports Training

We join Les Whitley as he discusses youth sports training. Any sort of youth physical activity involves new physical and psychological stressors that children often are not initially equipped for. Youth sports training can cause the same types of injuries and require the same types of orthopedic treatments and methods of recovery that adult sports entail. Les Whitley goes over the delicate balance between being a typical child and preparing oneself for the hurdles athletes face. Many dedicated youth athletes spend vast amounts of time focusing on honing and perfecting their athletic techniques to excel in their sport of choice.

Along their athletic journeys, it is important that young athletes remember to also incorporate the fundamentals such as nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest to both perform at their best and also achieve an overall healthy life. By focusing on the fundamentals, youth athletes, and young people in general, can ensure that they are getting the most out of their time spent in athletic pursuits and are living life to the fullest. Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is proud to be able to help young athletes pursue their hobbies, or dreams in some instances, in a safe, risk minimized way that allows them to get into every game ready to give it their all and have fun!

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