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TOA Tips - Sports Performance: "Peak Performance"

In the linked video, we join S. Mathew Rose, M.D. & Les. C. Whitley, M.S, CSCS, as they discuss the road to recovery for athletes post-injury. This route can be challenging and arduous, but Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is here to help athletes get back on track and back into the game as quickly as possible. Post-injury recovery can involve surgical and non-surgical tactics dependent on the severity of the injury. Initial recovery involves regaining range of motion and the ability to move muscle groups in a normal functioning manner, but the true recovery that allows athletes to get back in their respective sports is more nuanced. Regaining and improving range of motion, dynamic flexibility, and teaching athletes about mitigation methods to avoid recurring injuries are vital. We are proud to be able to provide care that keeps athletes in the game longer and ensures they aren’t facing another recovery period soon.

Unfortunately, injuries in sports are common, especially in contact sports, and that is not likely to change. When an athlete gets injured, they often have to go through a period of physical therapy just to regain normal muscle movement and function. Sports physical therapy typically involves manual treatment of muscles and soft tissues, taping, bracing, & strengthening exercises. While undergoing physical training, athletes are taught to identify the root cause of their injury and learn steps they can take to prevent injuries similar in nature from occurring again. By coaching athletes on steps they can take to reduce the occurrence of injury, we are able to help them stay in the game longer and perform at peak levels.

After the initial healing and recovery process, many athletes make the mistake of thinking they are fully recovered and are anxious to get back into the game. While this is a common and understandable thought process for those dedicated to their sport of choice, it is of paramount importance that athletes continue the recovery process and take it to the next level by building on the physical therapy progress they have achieved and take further steps to increase dynamic flexibility and range of motion even more. We encourage our patients also to take steps to understand the underlying root causes of injury and reinforce areas of weakness so that they can stay on the field longer and maintain their physical health.

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