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TOA Tips Sports Performance - Benefits of Sports Performance Training for Non-injured Athletes

In the linked video, S. Matthew Rose, M.D., and Les C. Whitley M.S. discuss several of the benefits of sports performance training for non-injured athletes. For non-injured athletes, sports performance training helps condition and prepare them for peak performance while also helping train for injury prevention. Regardless of the specific sport, sports performance training helps athletes remain strong, flexible, mobile, well-conditioned, and well prepared for the challenges they face every game. Sports performance training helps athletes develop consistency and habits that they can carry with them and benefit from throughout life, on and off the field. The benefits of developing these skills go well beyond the sport.

Sports performance training is an approach to training that assists athletes in achieving their performance goals and the critical skills they need. Sports performance training is designed to improve fitness levels to improve the athlete's ability to perform tasks and movements for a given sport. Sports performance training includes corrective and restorative exercise, cardiovascular training, conditioning, as well as rehearsal of sport-specific skills. Sports performance training also may incorporate nutritional advice, psychological training, and consistent accountability and monitoring by a qualified trainer. By engaging in sports performance training, athletes are able to get ahead of the curve and ensure they are arriving at the game ready to perform at their best as well as avoid common injuries resulting from their given sport.

Athletes have goals of increased strength, power, agility, flexibility, reaction time, and more to improve their skills within their respective sports. General fitness conditioning can involve the same movements that athletes frequently engage in, but sports performance training is specific to the demands faced by athletes in their particular sport of choice. Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance is proud to help athletes engage in sports performance training with tailored individualized plans for each and every athlete's specific needs and help them arrive at their games prepared to perform at their most potent levels. If you are curious about how sports performance training can help you up your game, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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