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TOA Tips Sports Performance - Training vs. Fitness

S. Matthew Rose, M.D., is joined by Les C. Whitley, M.S., to discuss the difference between training and fitness. While both are critical to athletic development, there are major distinctions between the two. Fitness is centered around conditioning the body and can involve any number of activities, from going to the gym to personal hobbies that contribute to physical well-being, such as rock climbing or kayaking. Training involves skill development in a specific area relative to the athlete's sport of choice. In this blog, we will go over the differences between these two facets of athletic development and discuss the finer points of each.

For athletes to become functionally fit, fitness is a key part of the process. Basketball players, for instance, need to ensure they are able to move quickly back to forth on the court without easily getting fatigued or running out of breath. The same is true for soccer and football players. To ensure they are able to manage the physical stress of their sports, cardiovascular activities are of paramount importance. Running, jogging, cycling, and other cardiovascular activities would fall under the training side of things as would lifting weights to increase strength.

Training, on the other hand, is all about developing specific skills that will help the athlete perform well in their given sport. For basketball and football players, this could involve things such as agility training, running through drills they commonly perform when in action, hand-eye coordination development, and much much more. Sports performance training is critical to athletic development and provides tangible results when athletes are in action. Athletes who do not engage in sports performance training and only get their practice in during games are at a significant disadvantage compared to those who regularly undergo sports performance training in addition to in the game practice.

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is proud to help athletes develop their abilities in both respects. Our facilities have everything you need to develop both your training and fitness levels, and our trainers have the in-depth expertise to help you excel in your sport of choice. If you want to excel in your game of choice, it is critical that you take advantage of and seek out new opportunities consistently. If you are curious about how we can help you develop your skills and fitness, please contact us to learn more.

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