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TOA Tips Sports Performance - What is Sports Performance Training?

S. Matthew Rose, M.D., and Les C. Whitley, M.S., review what all sports performance training entails and how Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance offers personalized sports performance training to the athletes that walk through our door. As the name implies, sports performance training focuses on increasing the athletic ability of those who undergo the training relative to their sport of choice. Sports performance training begins with an assessment of the athlete, followed by the development of an individualized plan to help them attain the results they seek. Recovery programs can range from injury prevention training to recovery post injury, to just general sports performance improvement.

Sports performance training is designed to specifically increase athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury for general sports performance as well as for specialized, sport-specific performance. The difference between sports performance training and other means of fitness is that the end goal is not to look better, lose weight, or increase muscle mass but rather to increase athletic ability and train to prevent injury through increasing the range of motion and flexibility. Here at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, we pride ourselves in tailoring our sports performance training for every single patient and athlete we treat, no two plans are identical.

So what does it mean to become “better” at your craft through sports performance training? The definition of better for some can be increased strength, better hand-eye coordination, increased agility, increased speed, or a litany of other goals. When athletes come to Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, we take the time to listen to their goals, accurately benchmark where they are along their performance journey, and mutually develop plans that can help them meet their performance objectives. We strive to help athletes attain transferable goals through sports performance training that translates to increased performance in the game. If you have ever been curious about what sports performance training can do for you, we encourage you to contact us and learn more about what can be achieved through sports performance training. We will listen to your goals and help you develop a realistic plan and timeline, and work with you side by side to ensure you achieve your objectives. Achieving lofty but realistic goals is never easy, but Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is composed of dedicated partners who are honored to work with you every step of the way to achieve your performance goals.

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