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TOA and Rutherford County Schools

TOA takes pride in providing sports medicine coverage to student athletes across the state. Many TOA physicians serve as team physicians for our local schools, including Dr. Russell McKissick, who serves as team physician for MTSU and Rutherford County Schools.

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Dr. J. Bartley McGehee - Team Physician for Ensworth School

Check out shoulder, sports medicine, and knee specialist, Dr. J. Bartley McGehee in action as he provides sports medicine coverage for Ensworth School.

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Dr. Kurtis Kowalski - Montgomery County Physicals

TOA physicians take pride in serving as team physicians for high school and college athletes across the state. In the coming months, we will give you an inside look into how TOA supports student athletes and what it means to be a team physician, both for our doctors and the communities that they serve. In this video, you'll follow Dr. Kurtis Kowalski as he does physicals for Montgomery County athletes at the start of their season.

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Skyy's the Limit!

Five-star point guard, Skyy Clark, is a Kentucky Wildcats’ class of 2022 commit and was one of just five underclassmen named to the SI All-American team this past season. After tearing his ACL in July 2020 and reconstructive surgery with Dr. Christian Anderson, Skyy’s grit, determination and positive attitude have been key to helping him make a full recovery and return to the game that he loves.

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Four Steps to Getting Back on the Field After an Orthopedic Injury

Whether competing on a high school, collegiate or professional level, the vast majority of athletes will suffer an orthopedic injury at some point in their career. Recovery times can vary based on the severity of the injury sustained, but there are some universal truths that can be applied to aid in recovery, both mentally and physically, and get you back to the sports and activities that you love.

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Video - The Role of a Team

"The Doctor Is In" - The Role of a Team Physician

"The Doctor Is In" is a recurring Facebook Live series featuring orthopedic spine specialist Dr. Gray Stahlman. In this episode, he's joined by joint replacement, sports medicine and shoulder specialist Dr. Michael Jordan to discuss the role of a team physician.

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