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"You are in the best of hands"

Dr, Lowe is a busy man, and there is a reason for that...he and his team are excellent at what they do. If you are afraid of back surgery (who isn't?!) this is who you can entrust your problem to and expect the most optimal results. The incredible pain that I was experiencing was completely debilitating, and the surgical solution was more than daunting. Dr. Lowe's surgical solution has restored my ability to function normally, and the entire experience has been an example of excellent care and expertise. You can entrust your concerns to Dr. Lowe and know that you are in the best of hands. If you are reading these testimonials trying to decide what to do, those last words should help you -- you are in the best of hands.

- Stephen Loftin | Midtown
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"Fantastic" Dr. Ashley!

I HATE needles so much. I usually get a vasovagal response, but Dr. Ashley made sure I made it through my procedures. He makes me laugh so I wasn't so nervous and he's a ninja with the needles. He's a fantastic doctor! Let's not forget his nurses...those ladies are fantastic too!

- Erin Santa Maria | Hendersonville
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"I Highly Recommend Dr. Bowman"

Very professional, yet personable, thorough and compassionate in regards to evaluating your issues. I highly recommend Michael Bowman for your back issues.

- Bobbie Hillis | Murfreesboro
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Surgery Success with Dr. S. Tyler Staelin

My hand and elbow surgery went very well. Before surgery my hands were very painful, numb and tingly. Now they feel normal, as though I never had a problem. I would recommend Dr. Staelin to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Staelin!

- Wendy Jobe | St Thomas Hospital
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Successful Surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Herring

Dr. Herring surgically corrected my left foot. He is a great surgeon with a great bedside manner. I highly recommend him.

- Kathy Patrick | Nashville TN
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"Zero pain for the first time in over a year"

Just wanted to say, Dr. Todd administrated an Ablation on me yesterday. Today I walked with zero pain for the first time in over a year. Thank you Dr. Todd!

- Burton C. Newman, Sr. | Nashville, TN.
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Bilateral Hip Replacement Success with Dr. Smith

I had both hips replaced by Dr. Stuart Smith ten weeks apart and he is excellent!! He fully explained everything to me and was great during both of the surgeries. His staff is awesome as well. I have recommended friends and acquaintances to him and they have been very pleased! Whenever a conversation comes up about any orthopedic problems, I always tell them about Dr. Smith and suggest they go see him.

- Gayle Bennett | Nashville
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"Dr. Greenberg = A+"

I visited Dr. Greenberg on two occasions for my wrist injury. Both visits were quick and informative. My wrist is so much better than it was. I give Dr. Greenberg's office an A+.

- Max Woody | Smyrna location
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Shoulder Surgery Success with Dr. Justin West

I had been having pain and problems with my right shoulder for quite some time. I had to have it replaced in 2012 and it started acting up on me again after several years. I was getting to where I couldn't reach very far with it. I went in to see Dr. West and we tried several things before he finally suggested surgery. He thought he was going to have to do two surgeries to get everything fixed, but miraculously he did it in one. I have not had any pain with it whatsoever and my physical therapy has gone so well that I only had to do one day a week instead of two. I consider Dr. West a miracle worker. I would very highly recommend him as a surgeon. He is definitely one of the BEST!!!

- Jackie Houk
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"Back to Enjoying Nature thanks to Dr. Paul Crook"

Less than a year ago, I had an ACL replacement and meniscus repair in my left knee. Dr. Crook asked what my goal was after surgery. I told him I just wanted to get back to enjoying nature. Dr. Crook's guidance and physical therapy helped me get back to what I enjoy most.

- Jennifer | Greenbrier, TN
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"I Highly Recommend" Dr. Roderick Vaughan

Dr. Vaughan is an excellent physician. He takes his time to explain and show you by drawing exactly what is going on with your circumstances. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic needs.

- Joell Brandt | TOA Murfreesboro
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Shoulder Surgery Success with Dr. J. Wills Oglesby

I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Oglesby. Three years ago he replaced my right shoulder and I have had no problems. Yesterday, May 25, I again visited for my left shoulder. He explained the x-ray to me and treated me. He is very patient and listens to what you ask. On a scale of 1-10 I give him a 20!

- Vista (Vickey) Setters | Whites Creek, Tn
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