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Knee Surgery Success with Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith performed my knee surgery about five months ago. What a amazing surgeon. I was up and walking the next day, as expected a little sore, but now I can't even notice I had knee surgery. He explained everything in detail. I have other family that has also received surgery and nothing but positive outcomes. If you're looking for a surgeon, then look no more! The entire staff were all just amazing in every aspect.

- Steven Michael Petty | 831 coaling Rd Charlotte TN 37036
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"I owe my life to Dr. Mackey"

I owe my life to him! Outstanding surgeon. He has performed multiple lumbar fusions on me. All have been uncomplicated and successful. I have been patient for 20 years. I am still working a physical job on my feet 12 hours a day!! If you actually want to get better, go see Dr. Mackey.

- Natalie Moorhead | Nashville
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Highly Recommend Dr. Siegel

Simply outstanding in all aspects of patient care. Dr. Siegel is very prompt, caring, and is an excellent communicator with respect to your medical condition. Highly recommend!!!

- DALE STEGALL | Nashville
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Meniscus Repair Success with Dr. W. Cooper Beazley

I had meniscus repair surgery this morning and I can say that I am in no pain and am up able to walk and do everything I ever did before. Of course I am elevating and icing my knee, but I am amazed at this very talented doctor's work. Dr. W. Cooper Beazley is up front and tells it like it is and that’s what I want. He said I may have to have a total knee replacement later on. If it comes down to it, I would trust him again. I thank God for such a talented surgeon.

- Audrey | Clarksville Surgery center
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"My Recovery has been Remarkable!"

Dr. West did shoulder replacement surgery on my left shoulder on August 29, 2022, and my recovery has been remarkable. I have had practically no pain and have more range of motion than I have had in years. He would get my vote for shoulder surgeon of the year because of his skill and his empathy. Thanks to him, I am able to use my left arm again without pain.

- Charles Durham | MURFREESBORO
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I would recommend TOA and Tim Thomas to anyone!

I must say, from the moment Tim Thomas, my physical therapist introduced himself to me, I have felt inspired that I will recover, and that I was in excellent hands with nothing to worry about. Additionally, I have always felt that he includes me in the therapy process, strives to educate me on the rationale of his treatment, and does it all with a pleasant demeanor. He constantly listens to my pain and discomfort level which puts me at ease. I would recommend TOA and Tim Thomas as a specialized hand physical therapist to absolutely anyone!

- Catherine L | Mt Juliet
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"Dr. Langan is an Exceptional Doctor"

Dr. Langan is an exceptional person first, and a great doctor as well. Dr. Langan took his time and came to my hospital bed and made a splint for my broken foot. He was my knee doctor and helped get me to a physician to operate on my broken heel. Exceptional.

- Ronnie Howell | Fairview
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"I will always trust TOA!"

I recently fell in a bathroom at a skilled nursing facility. Twice this year I've seen Dr. Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg looked at my x-rays and explained my break. I had a hard splint put on and clear instrutions for therapy. I will always trust Toa.

- Linda LaJean Brantley | Manchester
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Ankle Surgery Success with Dr. Garside

I tripped, fell and broke my left ankle. I was referred to Dr. Garside. He performed surgery, which included putting in a plate and seven screws. Dr. Garside is very kind, responds quickly, and answers any questions that I have. Brittany, his nurse, is also fantastic and quickly responds.

- Barclay Hickman | One City
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Two Thumbs Up for Dr. Coogan

I can give Dr. Coogan two thumbs up because I have a thumb to do so with because of him!

- Kelly Hodge | nashville
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"By far the most attentive physician I have ever met"

I have seen Dr. Williams on a number of occasions over the years for my shoulder and knees and he is by far the most attentive physician I have ever met. He takes the time to explain what the problem is and is very open about what course of attention should be given to that problem. I trust him completely and he takes the time to not only talk to you, but he listens as well.

- Tim Tewalt | Fairfield Glade, TN
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"I highly recommend Dr. Yu"

I saw Dr. Yu today because of some ankle & foot pain. The office is exceptionally clean and receptionist and nurse were courteous and caring. Dr. Yu listened well to my injury. He performed a thorough exam including x-rays. He has a kind bed side manner, is exceptionally knowledgeable and quite competent. I highly recommend Dr. Yu and am thankful I was seen so quickly after calling. Very little wait time at office and again x-ray and exam are done at site.

- Katie Jordan | Brentwood , TN
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