TOA Testimonials

"Great team. Great job!"

My entire experience with Dr. Langan and his staff has been phenomenal. I am now fully recovered from my broken hip, can walk with no limp or pain, and now have only a minimally visible scar. Great team. Great job!

- Betty Pruitt | Nashville , TN
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Foot Surgery Success with Dr. Herring

I recently had foot surgery under the care of Dr. Herring. Several pockets of arthritis were removed, as well as a bone spur on top of my foot. Three bone staples were required. I expected post-op pain... but instead I've only had some minor discomfort. Would I recommend TOA? Yes, in a second. Would I recommend Dr. Herring? Yes, in a heartbeat!

- Sarah Shanks | McEwen, TN
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Shoulder Surgery Success with Dr. Cain

Dr. Cain did my shoulder that had shattered due to a fall. Dr. Cain was great as a surgeon and really took time to listen and explain everything to me.

- Bobbi Tanner
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Highly Recommend Dr. Lydia White

I would highly recommend Dr. White. She helped me greatly.....a very good doctor.

- Michael Stewart | Murfreesboro, TN
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"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Justin West"

During the ice storm in Middle Tennessee in February, I fell in my driveway and hurt my right shoulder. It got worse and I made an appointment with TOA to see Dr. Justin West. After getting an MRI, I visited Dr. West to get the news. It was not good. I had torn 2 of my rotator cuff muscles, my bicep and my tricep. Throw in a bone spur and I feared losing motion in my right shoulder forever. Dr. West calmly explained to me the details of the surgery and in three weeks I headed for my operation. Afterwards he explained to my wife what he had done and post-op instructions. Sleeping in a recliner for weeks is not fun, but I could tell each day got a little better. I am now 5 months out and have complete use of my right arm again. I can push mow my yard and swing my golf clubs. I can never repay Dr. West for the fantastic job he did and would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone.

- Dr. Jimmy Clark | Shelbyville, TN
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5-Star's for Dr. Christian Anderson

This week I was evaluated by Dr. Anderson because I twisted my knee and strained my leg. I had an MRI of my left knee which showed torn menisci and arthritis. At my appointment, Dr. Anderson warmly greeted my husband and me. He asked me questions about my injury and intently listened to what I had to say. I was prepared to hear that I needed surgery, but Dr. Anderson is studied in current practices for such ailments and told me surgery would not be necessary. He gave me a cortisone shot and lots of encouragement. Add my 5-star review to the many others for Dr. Anderson and his staff!

- Marcia Akers | St.Thomas West
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Reverse Shoulder Replacement with Dr. Oglesby

Dr. Oglesby did reverse shoulder replacement surgery on my left shoulder. I am very happy with the progress I have made & I start physical therapy next week. Thank you Dr. Oglesby!

- Terri Adams | One City
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"Dr. Kurtz & the Entire Staff Were Phenomenal"

I have been dealing with excruciating pain for at least two years. Having tried a variety of injections, I never experienced appreciable relief. I heard about Dr. Kurtz and pursued a non-invasive type of surgery. He made a special implant for me. I had surgery on the 22nd of July & came home the next day. He & the entire staff were phenomenal. I highly recommend the entire group.

- Rebecca Dianne Hutchison | St. Thomas Mid-Town
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Shoulder Replacement with Dr. J. Wills Oglesby

I had shoulder replacement surgery on July 15, 2021. Dr. Oglesby is my hero & I recommend him 100%. He is truly a caring & compassionate doctor who cares about his patients. Thanks again & I will see you on August 2, 2021.

- Terri Adams | One City
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Shoulder Replacement Success with Dr. West

I'm having both shoulders replaced. Dr. West replaced the right one about four months ago. I have to say, the pain went from a 9.5 to a 1.0. I'm 60 years old, so I never planned to be pain free like I was 20. He did a great job, and looking for him to replace the left shoulder in about 2 months. Thanks again Dr. West.

- David Thomas
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Meniscus Repair with Dr. Robert Greenberg

I had a meniscus repaired and it went great. Everything happened just like Dr. Greenberg said, with no surprises. I had no pain, just soreness. I was up walking the next day with a cane. I was getting around great after a few days and back to normal in two weeks. This was way better than the same surgery I had 13 years ago on my other knee, in a different state. Thank you Dr. Greenberg!

- Steven Davidson
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"Thank you Dr. Petty!"

I had an extensive illness...fighting a Drug Induced Lupus. When years of steroids rotted my left hip, I was referred to Dr. Petty. In 2013 I had my hip replacement in Nashville. I have no pain & I forget I even have a prosthetic hip. I will never be able to say thank you enough!!!! God Bless You!!!

- Catherine Cooper | Savannah, Georgia
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