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"I highly recommend Dr. Yu"

I saw Dr. Yu today because of some ankle & foot pain. The office is exceptionally clean and receptionist and nurse were courteous and caring. Dr. Yu listened well to my injury. He performed a thorough exam including x-rays. He has a kind bed side manner, is exceptionally knowledgeable and quite competent. I highly recommend Dr. Yu and am thankful I was seen so quickly after calling. Very little wait time at office and again x-ray and exam are done at site.

- Katie Jordan | Brentwood , TN
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"I highly recommend Dr. Todd!"

I have had many injections done and never had such relief as when Dr. Todd cared for me. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is a very compassionate and caring doctor. I highly, highly recommend him!!

- Christi Lanier | Nashville
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"Hands down the best around!"

Hands down the best around! Great nurses and they really care for you, no matter how big or small the injury. I’ve referred Dr. Greenberg to many people and will continue to do so.

- Chris Meeks
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"I’m back in the gym, working hard and getting stronger"

For years I’ve been stuck in a cycle of seeing Orthopedists about my shoulder pain and being referred to a physical therapist. Nothing changed. Then I finally found a surgeon who was willing to do something about it. A year later I’m back in the gym, working hard and getting stronger. Thank you, Dr. Anderson!

- John Ray | Nashville
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"Dr. Kurtz is an absolutely great doctor!"

Dr. Kurtz is an absolutely great doctor! He did my left hip replacement surgery several years ago and I felt as if I had a miracle. Before the surgery I couldn’t walk, but one hour after surgery I was walking with very little pain.

- Jeff Yant | TOA Nashville
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Total Hip Replacement Success with Dr. Routh

Dr. Routh performed my total hip replacement in June of 2019. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to him! I suffered for three years limping and in pain because I couldn't be bothered, but then it got really bad so I went and saw him and we made the appt. To get it done and within a few days after surgery, I was feeling much better and certainly after PT! No one would ever know I had such a bad hip now. It has definitely been life changing for me! Thank you!

- Dawn Celiberti | Murfreesboro
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Shoulder replacement Success with Dr. Oglesby

I am so happy to tell everyone that after my shoulder replacement surgery last July, physical therapy, and Dr. Oglesby’s excellent surgical experience, my range of motion is 100%. Thank you Dr. Oglesby I appreciate your help and you are a wonderful doctor and friend.

- Terri Adams | Nashville One City
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"I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Corn"

Dr. Corn did a plantar fascia release and heel spur surgery on my right foot. I am so pleased with the results. I have been in pain for years and I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Corn. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is experiencing any serious foot pain. He is phenomenal.

- Melissa Collins | Cookeville
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"Dr. Shibayama and his team have done a fantastic job"

Dr. Shibayama and his team have done a fantastic job and provided outstanding care for me with my surgery. I could not ask for any better care than they gave.

- Tina Henley
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"Dr. Carpenter is the Best Physician I have Encountered"

Excellent highly skilled orthopedic surgeon, articulate in speaking with his patients. The best physician I have encountered after working in healthcare for over 35 years.

- Sherry Dunkerley | Nashville
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14 Mile Hike After Partial Knee Replacement with Dr. Burton

I just got back from hiking 14 miles at Rocky Mountain National Park and wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Burton for making it possible. Most trails in the park were uphill and with my daughter Karen's help and two hiking poles, I even amazed myself at what I could accomplish. Most areas were between 8,500 and 12,000 feet altitude. Note that the photo shows no trees because we were at tundra level. Thanks again to you for the many times I needed your help. Best wishes to everyone at TOA that made my adventure with my daughter possible.

- Ann Lucas
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"Couldn't ask for a better experience!"

This is the second time I have seen Dr. Staelin. Both visits were for carpal tunnel release. I found Dr. Staelin to be very straightforward and friendly. The surgery was not painful and I made a good recovery without any complications. Couldn't ask for a better experience!

- Catherine Pierce | St. Thomas West Nashville TN
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