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Hip Replacement Success with Dr. William Kurtz

I had hip pain for five months leading up to finding someone I was comfortable with and doing a hip replacement. My surgery was on April 15th, 2021. I will say, I was never more impressed with someone as Dr. Kurtz. The first time I stood up on my feet, a few hours of surgery, I never had any pain. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Diana Dodd | Lebanon
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"Four Months Post Surgery and NO Pain!"

I started out seeing Mark McIntosh, who was great. He kept digging for the cause of the injury to my right ankle that happened out of the blue. Because the issue had become more than we initially thought...enter Dr. Yu, and as he was described to me by another doctor, "We call him MacGyver." That is a true statement. My injury was unique due to a previous surgery 1.5 years ago. Dr. Yu figured out how we could fix it and mapped it out. I am now four months after surgery with NO pain. I can't thank him and Mark enough for sticking with me through it and giving me my ability to walk my dog again. They are a great team!

- Sheila Hammer | Nashville
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"Five Stars" for Dr. Philip A.G. Karpos

I was referred by my doctor to Dr. Karpos, made an appointment on Monday, and I was in his office on Tuesday. I have met a lot of doctors, but his "bedside" manners were AWESOME. He took the time to explain to me what was going on with my Hip {Got an injection} and I walked out better than I did going in. The entire staff was very professional and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone. You guys get Five Stars from me.

- Ruthie Jones | Saint Thomas West
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Still Going Strong Five Years Post-Surgery with Dr. S. Tyler Staelin

Dr. Staelin performed a radial carpectomy on my right wrist to relieve chronic arthritis in that joint five years ago. I am a very physically active 64 year-old and my wrist has held up very well with no pain even with all the activity I still do each day with my hands. Dr. Staelin is the consummate professional and I would highly recommend him for orthopedic issues with the hand, wrist and elbow. I am a pilot by profession and would not trust my career to anyone else.

- Walter LeJeune | Clarksville, Tennessee
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"Dr. Michael Jordan & Stephen Mould, PA-C, are Top Notch"

I saw Dr. Michael Jordan at the beginning of the pandemic for extreme shoulder pain. Between Dr. Jordan ordering an MRI and my pulmonologist ordering a chest CT, they found I had kidney cancer. Dr. Jordan found a rotator cuff tear as well that I have chosen to have treated with steroid injections. Dr. Jordan and Stephen Mould are excellent at injections and the pain is gone within 24 hours. I would see either any day and refer them to others without hesitation. Now, I will see him to address my hip pain. He also did shoulder surgery on my husband and I can say that as a wife and a patient, Dr. Jordan and Stephen are top notch.

- T. Wilson | Murfreesboro
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"Dr. Carpenter’s surgical expertise gave me my life back!"

I would like to thank Dr. Carpenter and his staff for a positive experience before, during, and post surgery. Specifically, the recovery process, which couldn’t have been so manageable without the surgery being done correctly. The care and compassion from this group is amazing.

Dr. Carpenter gave careful attention to doing the surgery correctly to avoid the risk of fixing it later. I’ll never forget walking with my new hip for the first time, pain free immediately after surgery!! My quality of life has already improved after two weeks and it gets better every day. Dr. Carpenter’s surgical expertise gave me my life back!

I would recommend Dr. Carpenter without hesitation for anterior hip replacement surgery. Get it done!

- Susan D. | Spring Hill, TN
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Dupuytren's Contracture Care with Dr. Kyle Joyner

I have been a patient of Dr. Joyner's for five or more years because I have Dupuytren's Contracture, which progresses over time. Dr. Joyner has always fully explained to me the stages and treatment of this disease. Even in the early stages, everything he told me has been spot on. I did have surgery on one hand and everything he told me before the surgery has been exactly as he explained it to me. I would not go to any other physician.

- Rena Woodington | Murfreesboro
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"Out of Pain For the First Time in a Decade thanks to Dr. Mackey!"

Dr. Edward Mackey has done four surgeries on my spine, and I'm so grateful to be out of pain for the first time in a decade. I had some serious issues. He always explained everything patiently and showed me what was going on. He called my husband mid-surgery to get permission to update the surgical plan, thereby saving me a second surgery. Can't say enough good things about him and his whole staff. Thank you!!

- Nadia Bruce | Nashville
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"Dr. Beazley is the Best!"

Dr. Beazley is the best doctor that I've ever had!

- Robert Mansfield | Clarksville,Tennessee
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"Nothing but good things to say" about Dr. DeVries & Clarksville Team

I went in with an overly swollen knee. Dr. Devries took one look at it and said that needs to be fixed. Well the next week he had me on the table and did his thing. Eight weeks later and I'm back to work full time and feeling much better. Nothing but good things to say about the people that work in the Clarksville office!

- Alan | Clarksville
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Dr. Ogelsby "Top-notch Surgeon"

I visited Dr. Wills Oglesby at TOA on 3/16/2021 for a metacarpal fracture to my left hand. As always, he's a top-notch surgeon and is also friendly, easy to talk to, professional, doesn’t rush you, and is genuinely a very nice person.

Not only did he thoroughly explain my injury and give information to me on self-care, he also set-up a follow-up appointment to view progress and see if physical therapy is needed. Even though not scheduled he also administered a “painless” steroid injection into my right shoulder.

If you have issues with hands or shoulders, Dr. Oglesby is the orthopedic specialist to see.

- Robert ‘Dennis’ Roberts | Coopertown, TN
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Nashville Firefighter Back on the Job after Successful Surgery with Dr. Justin West

On August 15, 2018, Reginald Wallace was involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle. He was struck by a car, thrown from his motorcycle, and knocked unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he felt a sharp pain in his right foot and noticed heavy swelling in his legs and around his knees. After x-rays were performed, it was determined that he had torn three ligaments in his left leg.

“I was assigned to Dr. Justin West (great dude by the way!) and he was very informative as we discussed the options for fixing my injuries. Dr. West provided me a video so that I could have a better understanding of the surgery. The day of the operation, things went great, but once out of surgery, I remember being in so much pain. The next day I started physical therapy and quickly made friends with the TOA staff.

Therapy was very intense. These men and women pushed me through and there were times when I was not pleased with my progression or felt stagnate. They were quick to remind me that my injury was unique and that it will take time. From the time of surgery, to December, I wasn’t allowed to put weight on my left leg. Finally, I got the greenlight from Dr. West and physical therapist, Stephanie Morgan. I just remember walking into therapy and asking, “Do I need these crutches?”

The answer was “Can you walk without them?”

I remember setting them to the side and the facial expressions of my support team, as I took my first steps without crutches on my newly rebuilt leg.”

- Reginald Wallace
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