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Dr. Willis' First TOA Surgery Patient Still Going Strong

I recently celebrated the eight year anniversary of my reverse shoulder replacement. Prior to that, I had two surgeries on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff. After tearing it the third time, it was decided that I really needed a total replacement. Dr Matthew Willis had recently joined the TOA staff of doctors and he specialized in shoulder surgery. I became his first surgery patient at TOA and have not had one problem since. I truly appreciate the job Dr Willis did on my shoulder and would advise any and all with shoulder problems to see Dr. Willis at TOA. We are a TOA family for all our orthopedic needs. They have never failed us.

- Rick Puckett
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Knee Replacement Success with Dr. Greenberg

I’ve struggled with an arthritic knee for years and finally reached the time when something had to be done.The limping, aches and pains and reduced mobility took their toll on me. Because Dr. Greenberg had helped me in the past with other orthopedic issues, I knew he’d be the one to handle my knee replacement. The entire process of preparation for my upcoming joint replacement surgery was so helpful and informative. Additionally, his staff was a definite asset for me. I was prepared, physically and mentally.

I’m now two months into my life with a new knee. The surgery and physical therapy have brought my life back to where I want to be, enjoying retirement, travelling, gardening, volunteering and just moving forward with my life.

Dr. Greenberg is courteous and kind, straightforward and always willing to answer my questions. I have recommended him to my friends and encourage anyone considering orthopedic care to consider him.

- Roseanne Peppers
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"I Got My Life Back Thanks to Dr. Greenberg"

I would like to say that TOA is the best. Dr. Robert Greenberg is the best orthopedic doctor. I had two total knee surgeries eight months apart and he changed my life. As a nurse for 32 years I had gotten to the point that I could hardly get around, due to bone on bone knee pain in both knees. Dr Greenberg saved me! Now I’m able to walk and be more active without pain. I can keep up with my grandchildren now. Thank you TOA and Dr. Robert Greenberg! I got my life back.

- Betty Kilcrease
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Successful Lumbar Surgery with Dr. Daniel Burval

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Burval and his staff for the excellent care I received during my recent back surgery. Personally, I feel Dr. Burval is an excellent surgeon who genuinely cares for his patients. He quickly diagnosed the issue I was experiencing and implemented a plan that corrected the problem. I am now totally pain free and looking forward to rehab.

Again, thank all of you for the care I received.

- Jim Siler
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Pain Free After Laminectomy And Fusion Surgery with Dr. Gray Stahlman

Dr. Stahlman,

I wanted to thank you very much for helping me obtain a better quality of life! I have not had any pain since 3 1/2 weeks after surgery. I only have swelling after doing maybe more than I should. Anyway, thank you again. You are a great doctor and surgeon! God bless you and your family.

- Pamela Wilcox
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Successful First Surgery at 74 years old thanks to Dr. Michael Jordan

Three months ago I had knee replacement surgery on my left knee, performed by Dr. Michael Jordan. I am 74 years old and this was my first surgery and confinement in a hospital. I must say it was a very rewarding experience. Dr. Jordan was absolutely amazing. The surgery went well, the follow up visits were great, and today I completed my physical therapy with flying colors. I just had to share this, and say I would highly recommend TOA to anyone needing their services. Dr. Jordan is the best.

- Robert V. McAnally
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Lumbar Laminectomy Gives Patient His Life Back

Dear Dr. Burrus,

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to you for what you have done for me. Your skills have given me my life back.

- James Vertrees
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3rd Degree Black Belt Back on the Mat After Hip Replacement

David Karrick, a 3rd Degree Black Belt, had an anterior right hip replacement by Dr. S. Matthew Rose.

"As the saying goes, the only limitations in life are the ones you put upon yourself. Thank you Dr. Rose for the everyday enrichment of my life with my new hip!"

- David Karrick
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Thank You Dr. Hopp!

Dr. Hopp,

Just want to thank you for another successful surgery. It's feels very good to not have the tingling in my feet and pressure in my lower back.

Thanks Again,

- Don Tomlin
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Shoulder Surgery Success Thanks To Dr. Christian Anderson

I am writing to thank Dr. Christian Anderson and the entire TOA staff for the excellent care received during my recent shoulder surgery. Dr. Anderson is first class, and I am so thankful to my dear friend who recommended him to me. He has been very caring throughout this journey and even though the recovery process is a slow one, he has been a constant encouragement to me. I would also like to thank Ashley and Pam at the Mt Juliet office for their kindness. I am doing my physical therapy at TOA Skyline. Franklin and Amanda are excellent physical therapists and great cheerleaders. They have been very considerate and patient with me which has brought me great comfort. Wanda & Theresa greet me before every PT appointment with big smiles and a lot of laughter. A very heartfelt thank you to Dr. Anderson, the staff of the Mt Juliet office, and all those at TOA Physical Therapy Skyline for treating me with respect, kindness and genuine concern for my well-being.

- Joy Powers
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"Dr. Coogan's Services Were Very Impressive"

I dropped a porcelain sink on my thumb one week before a snow skiing vacation. TOA was able to get me in the next day! Dr. Coogan reset my thumb nail (which fully recovered and I did not lose it) and he also was able to comfortably straighten my thumb and provide me with a temporary cast that was sleek enough to fit inside a snow ski glove but protective enough to travel. My thumb fully healed and my life was not impacted. His services were very impressive and I feel he really took time to understand my needs and treated me accordingly. In addition, his nurse was fantastic—she had a great attitude!

- Lindsey Chance
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Bilateral Hip Replacement Success!

Dr. William B. Kurtz performed a bilateral hip replacement surgery on Dwayne Clemmons recently and his post-op results were incredible! Dwayne shared his experience below. The following account is in his own words and shared here with his permission.

"After visiting a Sports Medicine Center and receiving the diagnosis that I needed bilateral hip replacement, the best advice I received was to find a surgeon who would perform the Anterior Method. It was explained that this method would yield the fastest recovery with the least restrictions of movement. During my research I became acquainted with two people who had hip replacement surgery by Dr. Kurtz. They had nothing but good things to say about his bedside manner, as well as the overall surgical experience. In addition to the personal testimonies, I was highly impressed to find that Dr. Kurtz had over 14 patents concerning knee and hip replacement implants, as well as a patented leg length study. After reading more about the Direct Anterior method on Dr. Kurtz’s website, as well as watching a total hip replacement video, I made the call to visit his office.

Dr. Kurtz answered all of my questions and I left feeling confident that I had found the right surgeon for my procedure. I soon scheduled a surgery date. Twenty-three hours after surgery I walked approximately 250 feet without a walker or cane. I was walking better after surgery than I did pre-op the day before. My hips did not hurt and I was able to stand tall and erect; something I had not done in a while. This also resulted in a gain of one-half inch in height. I’m 5’11’’ again.

Two weeks after surgery I returned to school as a teacher. I was able to attend all of my classes and function as I normally would. Six weeks after surgery I was on the tennis court with a ball machine. I felt no pain or discomfort during my 30-minute session. I am slowly working my way back to a full 1 ½ hour match. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Kurtz and the Anterior Method."

Dwayne Clemmons

If you're considering joint replacement surgery and are interested in scheduling a consult with Dr. Kurtz call 615-329-6600.

- Dwayne Clemmons
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