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"I Am Out of Pain!"

I want to Thank Dr. Bowman for my appointment yesterday. I am out of PAIN! I have suffered in my lower back for years, unable to walk in stores, airports and what's more, my front hips would also freeze up. This is a miracle!! It took 5 minutes to inject in my back. This morning I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Bowman a million times over!!!!

- Peggy Lee Diamond | Murfreesboro
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Two Half Marathons Completed Since Surgery with Dr. Burval

I have always been an athlete. From playing football and basketball as a youth, to running, swimming and biking as an adult, I have tried to stay active and healthy. As I age, I have discovered that nothing stops me quicker than an injury. In my case, I woke up one morning in excruciating pain. One day later, I was in Dr. Burval’s office and he told me that I needed surgery. I am happy to report that the surgery was successful – I walked out of the hospital pain free. More importantly, I have run 2 half marathons and I swim regularly. Dr. Burval is a marvelous surgeon. He answered all of my questions both before the surgery and after. While I was in recovery, he made sure that my wife knew what was going on. Both he and his staff made what was a very painful time in my life relatively easy.

- Keith Dennen
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"Dr. Karpos is a 10!"

Dr. Karpos is absolutely the best surgeon for total hip. He goes over everything before and after. Great nurse! Great staff! I could give him a 10!!!

- Stacy Norman | St. Thomas West
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"I would definitely recommend Dr. Burval"

I was referred to Dr. Burval by my family medical doctor due to having pain in my upper back/shoulder area. When visiting Dr. Burval, he showed professionalism & knowledge of my issue, and I was very pleased with how he explained to me what would correct my issues. He was straight forward, provided the truth about the possible outcome after surgery, and even took my request for a second opinion without hesitation. I would definitely recommend seeing him, and his staff as well. His nurse, Tanya would always return my calls when I had questions, as her professionalism was super! She always maintained her professionalism no matter how often I called and appreciate her for this.

- Tommy Sewell | White House, Tennessee
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"Consistently Wonderful Care" with Dr. Carpenter & Staff

I want to thank Dr. Carpenter and his staff for the consistently wonderful care I have received for the past seven months post hip replacement. I gave all highly satisfied ratings because Dr. Carpenter and his staff deserve it! I have been cared for, and cared about, by the doctor and his staff for seven months so far. I have several months to go and look forward to their guidance. They are consistently compassionate in their caregiving and will do anything to accommodate your needs. This is rare in the world today.

- Susan DeLozier | Franklin, Tn
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"Thank you, Dr. Kurtz and staff!"

I had a 30 year history with my right knee being bone on bone and went for injections for years with no luck. My PCP recommended Dr. Kurtz and I felt totally confident in him as my joint replacement doctor. I have many allergies and medical hurdles and he found a replacement perfect for me. I'm so very happy with my new knee and I absolutely loved working with everyone of his staff members in my surgery and recovery. As a retired FF/EMT I've worn my body down and now I'm able to get back to hiking and other outdoor activities pain free again. Thank you, Dr. Kurtz and staff.

- Brenda L. | Lebanon
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Knee Replacement Success with Dr. Karpos

About 12 years ago, Dr. Karpos did a knee replacement on my right knee. Today it is still doing great. Great doctor.

- Martin Russell | Nashville
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Trigger Finger Surgery with Dr. Jane Siegel

I had been having trouble with trigger finger for last few years. After the injection failed (done by another doctor) I started researching hand specialist in Nashville. Dr. Siegel was top tier quality. I scheduled an appointment. My first visit was quick. She came in, examined me, discussed surgery and was out. Now some people expect a full 30 minutes with the doctor, but I knew she was the one. An excellent doctor does not need 30 minutes to diagnose something that is their passion for life. You can tell right away that Dr. Siegel is that doctor. I had hand surgery on the 17th of September. Today is the 26th. My hand is doing GREAT! Never really had any pain after day two, that Tylenol didn't take care of. Small incisions were made in the creases of my palm so you can't really see them. The long wait of being pain free is wonderful. I can write, garden, wash dishes without breaking them and so many other things. I had relied on others for help. I had basically stopped doing everything I enjoyed. Anything more and my hand was so painful that I couldn't function and was losing sleep. Not anymore!! I'm extremely happy and will refer all I can so they can be pain free and happy like me! I'm not one that likes the word AMAZING, but Dr. Siegel is all that and more!! Her therapy team are extremely sweet. I had my first therapy with Erin and she pushed me to keep trying to move my fingers and hand. She said I would have a splint if I couldn't straighten my finger. I did it. Came home with no splint and have been doing the exercises multiple times daily. I can't wait to show her at next session how much improvement I've made. It's like I never had the surgery. Dr. Siegel and TOA have a flawless program that runs like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. Thank you. I'm forever grateful to you all.

- Bettie | One City, Nashville
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"Kind, Compassionate, Professional" Dr. Wills Oglesby

Specifically relieved to find such a professional, intelligent and direct orthopedist. Very mannerly, kind and compassionate. Very knowledgeable, even to myself, who has spent 38 years in the medical field from a Masters in Nursing Science prospective, NSICU, CCU, ER and Case Manager.

- Laurie Boone | One City
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"Great team. Great job!"

My entire experience with Dr. Langan and his staff has been phenomenal. I am now fully recovered from my broken hip, can walk with no limp or pain, and now have only a minimally visible scar. Great team. Great job!

- Betty Pruitt | Nashville , TN
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Foot Surgery Success with Dr. Herring

I recently had foot surgery under the care of Dr. Herring. Several pockets of arthritis were removed, as well as a bone spur on top of my foot. Three bone staples were required. I expected post-op pain... but instead I've only had some minor discomfort. Would I recommend TOA? Yes, in a second. Would I recommend Dr. Herring? Yes, in a heartbeat!

- Sarah Shanks | McEwen, TN
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Shoulder Surgery Success with Dr. Cain

Dr. Cain did my shoulder that had shattered due to a fall. Dr. Cain was great as a surgeon and really took time to listen and explain everything to me.

- Bobbi Tanner
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