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TOA breaks ground for new facility in Clarksville

Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance (TOA) held a groundbreaking Wednesday, September 13, 2023 for a new facility at 1000 S. Gateway Blvd. in Clarksville.

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TOA Tips - Physical Therapy: Patient Experience

In the TOA Tips that you’ll see today, physical therapist, Grant Shanks discusses what you can expect when you schedule a physical therapy appointment at TOA.

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physical therapist - Mario Novo

TOA Tips - Physical Therapy: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Demonstration

In our previous video, physical therapist, Mario Novo, introduced us to Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. Now we’ll take a look at how it actually works and why it’s become one of the premier training tools for rehabbing a lower leg injury or upper body injury.

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TOA Tips - Physical Therapy: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

TOA Tips - Physical Therapy: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training? BFR is a technique that combines low intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion. It produces similar results to high intensity training and it’s one of the many tools that our physical therapists utilize at TOA. In this tip, physical therapist, Mario breaks down the science behind this unique tool and the benefits it can offer our patients.

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Dr. Rose & Les Whitley - Chat

TOA Tips Sports Performance - Training vs. Fitness

What does sports performance training have to offer a weekend warrior like sports medicine specialist, Dr. S. Matthew Rose? Sports performance center manager & certified strength and conditioning specialist, Les Whitley fills us in.

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Dr. Thomas Tompkins

TOA Tips with Dr. Thomas Tompkins - Preventing Joint Injuries

In this TOA Tip, Dr. Thomas E. Tompkins discusses his top tips for preventing joint injuries and slowing down age-related joint issues.

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Dr. S. Matthew Rose - Sports Medicine Doctor

TOA Tips Sports Performance - Benefits of Sports Performance Training for Non-injured Athletes

Sports performance training is not just for athletes recovering from an injury. In this video, sports medicine, joint replacement and hip and knee specialist, Dr. S. Matthew Rose and sports performance center manager, Les Whitley, cover the benefits of a sports performance program for a non-injured athlete.

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TOA - sports performance

TOA Tips Sports Performance - TOA's "Under One Roof" Philosophy

One of the unique characteristics of TOA is our “under one roof” philosophy. We’ve built a practice that can support you from your first office visit, through treatment, physical therapy and rehab, and sports performance training. In this video, sports medicine specialist, Dr. S. Matthew Rose and strength and conditioning specialist, Les Whitley, discuss this team concept and how it can help you go from injured to back in the game.

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TOA Trainers

TOA Tips Sports Performance - What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training isn’t a guessing game. Our trainers work with you to establish a baseline, outline your specific goals, and develop a detailed plan to help you achieve those goals. In this video, sports performance center manager, Les Whitley discusses that process with sports medicine, joint replacement and hip and knee specialist, Dr. S. Matthew Rose.

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Dr. Alexander Brown

TOA Tips with Dr. Alexander Brown - Shoulder Instability

In this TOA Tip, Dr. Alexander Brown discusses shoulder instability and demonstrates a stretch that can help you determine if you are experiencing this issue.

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Skyy's the Limit!

Five-star point guard, Skyy Clark, is a Kentucky Wildcats’ class of 2022 commit and was one of just five underclassmen named to the SI All-American team this past season. After tearing his ACL in July 2020 and reconstructive surgery with Dr. Christian Anderson, Skyy’s grit, determination and positive attitude have been key to helping him make a full recovery and return to the game that he loves.

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TOA Tips with Dr. Alexander Brown - Achieve Your Best Post Surgical Outcome

In this TOA Tip, orthopedic specialist, Dr. Alexander Brown shares his top tips for what you can do after an orthopedic surgery to help you achieve the best outcome. Dr. Brown specializes in general, shoulder, sports medicine, hip and knee, and sees patients at TOA's McMinnville location.

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les whitley youth sports training athletes nutrition

Les Whitley on Youth Sports Training

Les Whitley, manager of TOA's sports performance training, discusses his preferred model for youth sports training that focuses on fundamentals, nutrition, hydration, rest and most importantly, fun!

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Dr. Anderson | TOA

Back in the Game After ACL Surgery with Dr. Anderson

Autumn Eleazer is a Division I Softball player and patient of Dr. Christian Anderson's. In this video you can check out Autumn's first time up to bat after surgery.

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Watching Weight with Orthopedic physicians

The 80% Full Strategy

Are you struggling to lose weight, but not sure where to start? Do you want to make a change to your current way of eating that is sustainable long term, that doesn’t require special food, and doesn’t cost anything? Try eating until you are 80% full.

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TOA Orthopedic Video

Blaine Bishop and Dr. Damon Petty on Training

Orthopedic sports medicine and shoulder specialist, Dr. Damon Petty and former Tennessee Titan's player, Blaine Bishop discuss the impact of Blaine's training on his athletic performance and the importance of the mental side of the game.

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Dr. Alexander M. Brown | Sports Medicine Doctor

Meet Dr. Alexander M. Brown

Meet Dr. Alexander M. Brown, a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, shoulder and general orthopedics.

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Orthopedic Doctor Video

"The Doctor Is In" - Are Personal Trainers Created Equal?

"The Doctor Is In" is a recurring Facebook Live series featuring orthopedic spine specialist Dr. Gray Stahlman. In this episode, he is joined by personal trainer, Anita Slaughter to help us make sense of personal training certifications and how to know which trainer is right for you.

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Staying on track for holidays with healthy eating

Four Steps to Staying on Track Over the Holidays

Most likely, if you are even thinking about how you could do the holidays differently this year, you will! Here are my top four steps to staying on track over the holidays.

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"The Doctor Is In" - Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

"The Doctor Is In" is a recurring Facebook Live series featuring orthopedic spine specialist Dr. Gray Stahlman. In this episode, he is joined spine specialist, Dr. Nicholas Shepard to discuss minimally invasive spine surgery.

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Live you best life

Live Your Best Life with TOA

No matter what your goals are, TOA is here to help you live your best life.

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Dr. Martha George & Trainer Les Whitley on Pregnancy & the Female Athlete

Shoulder, sports medicine and knee orthopedic specialist, Dr. Martha George and trainer Les Whitley discuss how to safely train and mitigate risks for the pregnant female athlete.

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The Doctor is In

"The Doctor Is In" - What We Can Learn from 'Dr. Death'

We’ve all heard the stories about unethical doctors, such as the former neurosurgeon convicted of gross malpractice, as depicted on "Dr. Death" on Peacock TV and Wondery. While it’s important to remember that these cases are not common, it also important to know what you can do if you find yourself in the care of a “bad” doctor? In this week’s episode, Dr. Stahlman will outline the information and tools that you need to advocate for yourself as a patient and empower you to navigate our healthcare system safely and effectively.

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Dr. Damon Petty on Sports Performance Training

Dr. Damon Petty on Sports Performance Training

We recently caught up with orthopedic sports medicine and shoulder specialist, Dr. Damon Petty on the importance of sports performance training for elite athletes. After six weeks of sports performance training with TOA, Dr. Petty's son set the fastest 50 meter back stroke long course in the country for 18 and under!

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TOA Tips

TOA Tip with Dr. Bryan Lapinski - Stress Fractures

In this TOA Tip, foot and ankle orthopedic specialist, Dr. Bryan Lapinski discusses the symptoms of and treatment options for stress fractures.

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